FAQ Hired Equipment


FAQ Hired Equipment

Are Marquees waterproof?
Unlike some marquee suppliers, our marquees are manufactured with waterproof PVC which is easily repairable should it get any tears. In Winter months the marquees can, very occasionally, get a little condensation inside. We recommend using our approved heaters to dry this out. If your venue has sloping ground or doesn’t drain very well, water may get underneath the marquee. We recommend hiring a wooden floor which is slightly raised.

Are the Marquees modern, free-standing structures or are they traditional marquees that require guy ropes and centre poles?
Yes. The marquees are clear span modern structures.

Does the Marquee Company have a wide selection of marquee sizes and will they be able to fit my needs?
Yes. Marquees Direct can build 3m, 6m, 9m, 12m and 15m widths and any lengths in multiples of 3m. We also have some 1.5m extension bays. Call the office for more information.

Do the Marquees stand up to the weather including strong winds and the winter?
Yes. We use special marquees which are designed for all-year-round use. They are made to withstand strong winds up to 60 MPH however we do make risk assessments the best we can and will always advise accordingly. The marquees are not built for heavy snow load but this can be prevented by heating the marquee appropriately.

If I rent a marquee am I getting good value?
Marquee Hire aims to be the best value marquee hire company in the country. We are continuously comparing our prices to other marquee companies and we can always match or beat any quotes using comparable quality equipment.

Can I view a Marquee before I hire a marquee?
Yes. Marquees Direct has various venues where you can view our marquees. We also have show days during the year when you can view our Marquees and many of our other services. Please ask the office team for further details.

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