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Do you hire furniture?
Yes we have a wide range of furniture for hire with your marquee. Our furniture is also available for hire separately.

Do high heels get stuck in coconut matting?
Very rarely but it is possible. Coconut Matting is one of our most popular flooring choices due to its cost effectiveness and durability.

Do we need a heater?
During the summer months it is not always necessary for a heater, unless you have chosen a particularly large marquee for use during the evening. During the colder months we would always advise that you use a heater. Marquees Direct will be able to recommend the correct type and size of heater at your time of enquiry. In the event of snowfall then you must keep your marquee heated to 12 degrees c to prevent snow settling on the roof of the marquee.

Do you hire toilets?
We are able to offer a range of toilets to service your event. For a smaller event we would suggest using a 2+1 unit and for some larger events it may require a larger unit with the option of a daily valeting service during your hire period.

Why is it essential for my dance floor to be put on level ground?
The dance floors are locked in tightly together and become rigid therefore if the ground is not fairly level then there could be potential trip up hazards around the edges.

How many guests can I seat around a table??
As a general rule of thumb: 8–10 around a 5ft circular table 6-8 around a 4ft circular table 6 on a 6ft trestle table.

Do we need a generator?
If you do not have a power source on your site then you would require a generator. Marquees Direct can advise you where to hire one from upon your enquiry.

Do uplighters provide enough light?
Uplighters are best used as mood or effect lighting so if you require the marquee to be bright then it would be best to go with other lighting options as well. Globe and Chandelier lights are the normal main lights used within our marquees. Details of which can be found in the lighting section of our site.

Can I just hire a heater or other equipment from you and not the marquee?
We do hire out equipment independently but we hold back a certain amount of our stock to go with our Marquees. In the summer we hold back more equipment than the winter. Please enquire about availability.

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